Almost Christmas (2016)


Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s day 5 and we’re doubling down on Danny. Mr. Glover leads a cast so stacked it rivals Dune’s, yeah, I said it . Come at me. On the female cast alone you have Gabrielle Union and Nicole Ari Parker, Mo’Nique playing the foul mouthed family drunk and KIMBERLY ELISE?!! Guys, Beloved is in this movie, come ON. The male cast is ALSO on point with Glover as grief stricken widower, Romany Malco and Omar Epps with actual air to do their thing and J.B. SMOOVE?!!. Lunatics, J.B. Smoove has AN ARCH in this movie. Can we as a people just give more arches to J.B. Smoove? Just more J.B. like ALL the time please. J.B. … We love you. Anyway, it’s a typical christmas movie with comedy and heart but the cast makes it work and I’m kind of surprised I didn’t find out about this till recently. Do yourself a favor. Don’t sleep on Almost Christmas.

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