Lethal Weapon (1987)


YES it’s a fucking Christmas movie, welcome to day 4. Listen, it begins and ends with christmas songs, it takes place during christmas, i just said christmas twice describing it, it’s a christmas movie and COME ON, it’s a great one. You got Danny Fucking Glover as the soon to be purpetually on the verge of retirement Roger Murtaugh. A good cop. A family man, you know? ENJOYING CHRISTMAS and he gets partnered up with Mel YEAH THAT ONE Gibson as the young over the top wild card Martin Riggs. The cop that’s seen too much, a damaged man. The kind of guy with a dead wife and a special bullet picked out for when he offs himself. Anyway they become buddies and shit gets wild and THEN Christmas. It’s Saturday. Have yourself a treat. Have some Lethal Weapon.

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