TWNBH – CLIP SHOW – Hey Erik, You Got An Ad? (Vol.3)

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RUNTIME: 00:37:31



– Spring

– Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream

– Allen Keys

– Placentas

– Bunsen Burners

– Stonehenge

– Sweep & Slide Socks

– Maury’s Mighty Mythological Minotaur Maze

– Molasses

– Terminal Velocity

– Red Rover Shipping Services

– The Potter’s Wheel

– Fuzzy Fruits

– Waterboarding

– The Awkward Moment of Silence

– The Sun

– Umbrella-copter MaxX

PLUS – Words of Wisdom from O.J. Simpson


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Podcast Synopsis: This Will Not Be Helpful is an informative podcast with very little information where hosts Erik Chavez and Victor Moran go over some of the week’s news, tackle a chosen topic in depth and answer YOUR sent in questions without the aid of google.

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