Halloween (1978)




   Well, we’ve reached the final day of your spooky 31 day voyage. Did you think we WEREN’T gonna have John Carpenter’s Halloween for a second year in a row? THE NAME IS IN THE TITLE, ok look, I don’t feel like I really NEED to tell you why you should watch this but fine. SCENARIO. You’re sitting at home on Halloween night and wanna put on the perfect movie to get you feeling spooky, you put on Halloween. Why? Because all the reasons. Ok? ALL the reasons because it’s 40 plus years later and they’ve spent it making sequels and reboots and remakes and re-reboots and with the exception of Season of The Witch they’ve just been making the same movie over and over again, desperately trying to reach the peak that this one hit. It’s simple, it’s understated and no matter what bells and whistles they put on the films that followed, it’ll never be as good as that first night that Micheal Myers came home. 


     So there it is. We dropped the deuce. The 31 days of Halloween Number 2. So what did you think? Was this a successful sequel? Was it as good as the first or better? Did you like the original better? Be sure to let us know on all the main company social media accounts @VictorMoranLive and feel free to send us your thoughts as you watch along with us every day. To subscribe to this RSS feed, click the pumpkin below. We look forward to hearing from you and if I know my horror franchises this year broke the seal for a string of sequels that nobody asked for. See you next year everybody!