Monday To Monday – Episode #50 – The Series Finale

Episode #50 of Monday To Monday is up to complete the set! This week: We discuss Christopher Columbus, internet rage, boobs vs tits & couple sleep habits on the final Acceptable Distraction with the Aragon Guerrero Gang,  realize it’s the little things as I finally fix my desk,  run a bunch of errands, deal with human beings, spend the weekend with @MilesMoranTalks, R Kelly, consent, voodoo, ALL while editing 3 episodes, dealing with faulty internet as I make Garry In Real Life AND bringing a definite conclusion to Monday To Monday. Remember you can follow Garry on twitter @GarryInRealLife, his son Ryan @NotYetNightWing AND AS ALWAYS you can follow me EVERYWHERE on the internet @VictorMoranLive.

Haven’t seen the  Garry n Real Life strip from this video?  Click Here.