Heloooo Lunatics, 


In the last 3 weeks we have seen our memberships go down drastically and understandably so considering we are in the middle of a fucking global pandemic. So, yeah… understandable. With that said, I have had to make a couple decisions AND SO….


1. Anyone forced to cancel their membership right now will NOT lose their Premium Lunatic access or benefits. 

   If you CAN afford to continue paying we will appreciate it as we are a VERY SMALL business that definitely could use the cash but if this situation has left you strapped, we get it. Struggle recognizes struggle. Do you.




2. Access for ALL!

   A bunch of people are currently stuck at home quarantining and this seems like it’s gonna be the new normal for a while ALSO there are a large group of our population that are going to have to continue working amidst this chaos. MORE IMPORTANTLY this is going to have long term financial effects for a lot of people. Seems fucked up to us and we’re too broke to give you all large sums of cash (…you can tell.) so we figured the least we could do is give you the only thing we have. SO, from now until the end of the year, VictorMoranLive Premium will be accessible to anyone who so desires to stream it. We’re no Netflix or Disney+ but at least it’s something.


This is probably not the smartest business decision in reality but it’s the only thing that will help me sleep at night. To those who can continue paying in these hard times, THANK YOU. Like, sincerely thank you, not that fake internet “content creator” thank you bullshit. A real one. Come January 1st 2021 we will revisit this situation when I feel less gross thinking about making money off people but for now this just seems like the right thing to do. We hope the things we make help as much as silly shit on the internet can. 


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Victor Moran