Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


    It’s day 27 and we’re starting your final week of spooky with the punch to the throat that is director Ruggero Deodato’s controversial game changer that has sparked years of discussion and created the found footage genre. While on a rescue mission deep in the Amazon, professor Harold Monroe finds the footage of the documentary film crew he is searching for and after viewing it all he’s realized not only what happened to them… but why. Basically imagine the Logan Paul suicide forest video if it ended with the people of Japan justifyably and brutaly killing them all. I’m not gonna lie, this movie is fucking ROUGH and since Oscar and myself hadn’t seen it since our teenage years we decided to do an Audio Commentary track and you can hear our trepidation and Premium Members get to see our terrified faces hitting play in the Video Commentary. Honestly, this movie has a lot to say about society that is painfully still relevant and though many can argue that it is unethically produced art WE think it’s something that needs to be seen. So keep the snacks to a minimum and prepare for an oddly happy ending because the cannibals have you in their sights and you kinda have it coming.


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