The Return of the Living (1985)


    So you’ve made it to day 26 which means it’s time for some punk rock nihilism. Freddy just got hired at a medical supply warehouse but when his supervisor starts showing him around they accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, causig the bodies of the nearby cemetery to rise from the grave in search of BRAINS. That’s right, this is the movie that started the whole zombies lore of eating brains. It’s gory, there’s kick ass practical effects and every performance is turned up to 11. Full of characters with names like Spider, Trash, Scuz and Suicide this film is the motion picture equivilent of, “Fuck you dad, I’m my own man!” So strap in and order dispatch to send more paramedics cuz Trash is taking off her clothes again and you’re in for a long night.


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