TWNBH – Ep20 – Revenge of The Remake & General Mischief

TWNBH – Ep20 – Revenge of The Remake & General Mischief

RUNTIME: 01:30:40



NEWS – Rise of The Alliance of American Football, Revenge of the Remake trailers (Aladdin, Child’s Play).

TOPIC – Kids Playing Outdoors (games, discovery & general mischief)

LISTENER QUESTIONS – 6 questions including the overhyping of Unicorns.

It’s over… Time to get shit faced!

It’s over… Time to get shit faced!

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)


     Well, you’re 8 days into the Christmas season which means that you’re about ready to watch a man dressed up as Santa Claus straight up MURDERING people. “Did you say murdering people?” You’re goddamn right I said murdering people because in this classic of the heyday of the slasher era gives you all the visions of blood, guts, excessive violence and nudity that every wholesome child has dancing in their heads. I know it seems strong but after 8 days of holiday shopping it’s the perfect flick to help you blow off some steam. You’ll thank me later.


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Thanksgiving Day SALE!

Thanksgiving Day SALE!

It’s the Victor Moran Live Thanksgiving day sale! Wanna buy that special someone that perfect gift to show how much you love them? Well we don’t have any of that shit here but we do have our library of movies and music priced down SIGNIFICANTLY. Hell, with these deals you’ll probably be able to buy several of our items and if  that isn’t enough to at least get an old fashioned on the car ride back from your partners mother’s house then I don’t now what is.

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No, yeah, I mean there’s other stuff and some of it’s even FREE so get your holiday loving, family dodging, waiting on the food to be ready ass down to the shop for this ONE DAY ONLY sale. Let’s face it, it’s better than listening to your aunt Miriam misuse the term “staying woke” or having to argue with your 12 year old prequelist cousin about Jar Jar Binks again BECAUSE I DON’T CARE IF YOU SAY ITS FOR KIDS, HE’S FUCKING STUPID ERNESTO AND MORE THAN A LITTLE RACIST. So click the link below and enjoy Victor Moran Live’s Thanksgiving Day Sale. HAPPY HOLIDAY AND THINGS!