Friday The 13th IV: The Final Chapter (1984)



     Sure it might be Sunday but on day 24 it’s Friday the 13th for the FINAL chapter. You know, before the following year when they made another one but THIS one is the final CHAPTER and boy does it have all the traits of a grand finale. Returning to kill the very monster he created, king of splatter Tom Savini makes the kills bloodier, gorier and visceral than anything that had some before and you best believe there are PLENTY of kills. Complete with little Corey Feldman as the cute kid and Crispen Glover doing a dance that you will NEVER be able to get out of your mind. Crank up Lion track and look out for the blood splatter, it’s Friday the 13th and a bunch of teens are gonna die.


     Watch the final chapter along with us by putting us in your ear or on the corner of your screen and again, first timers have Oscar as company for another first time reaction.



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