The Soundtrack …To An Existential State Of Ennui – S01E06

The Soundtrack …To An Existential State Of Ennui – S01E06

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RUNTIME: 00:56:59

Episode Synopsis: What better way to end our first series than with The Soundtrack To An Existential State of Ennui. So prepare to have everything you thought you knew shook to it’s core as we score an epic journey into yourself.

*WARNING: headset required for optimal immersion*

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Podcast Synopsis: Welcome to The Soundtrack, a music curation podcast programmed and hosted by Victor Moran where he attempts to provide a soundtrack to life itself.


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TWNBH – Ep75 – Sprinkle in Some Goldblum

TWNBH – Ep75 – Sprinkle in Some Goldblum

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NEWS – Format change? (in house news).

HALFTIME – Mid-Show Discussion: Rick & Morty Season 4

TOPIC – Jeff Goldblum (The perfect spice)

LISTENER QUESTIONS – 6 questions including one about hurricane season tips.

RUNTIME: 01:13:33


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Podcast Synopsis: This Will Not Be Helpful is an informative podcast with very little information where hosts Erik Chavez and Victor Moran go over some of the week’s news, tackle a chosen topic in depth and answer YOUR sent in questions without the aid of google.

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