#TheBrackets: Rise of The Committee

The second time we did The Brackets we decided the topic would be #HeroesAndVillains. The left side would be hero macthups and the left would villains so that the final two would be the best hero and the best villain. Once again Jackie and I went online searching top 100 lists and set up the game. On the night of, all the players from the last bracket showed up but THIS TIME they brought fiends along.


The drinks flowed, passions ran high and the game went off without a hitch. Again, new friendships were made, arguments got more precise and detailed to the subject matter and I live tweeted the whole time. I started to notice that people came in ready to lobby for the comic book characters they loved that were on the bracket and as the rounds passed and the characters they were rooting for were voted out they began to mourn the passing of their fallen idols with the severity of losing a loved one.
 103 110
At the end of the night the final two were Magneto and The Hulk and The Hulk one it all. All the players had a good time but a small handful came up and asked how we arrived with the characters on the bracket. When I told them they I used a “greatest of” list from a reputable website they were not pleased. My friend Oscar said that we should really make the list ourselves.
As everyone left I asked a select few if they would be interested in doing some homework in regards to the game and surprisinglyu enough all the people that I asked were more than happy to help decide not only what ended up on the bracket but what the topic of the bracket itself was gonna be…
…and so The Committee was formed.