Series Synopsis:

When Victor started a weekly vlog to promote Garry In Real Life he had no idea that it would slowly morph into an elaborate docuseries involving much of his personal life, friends, family, and thought process more and more as each week passed eventually spanning a year’s time and becoming more than he could handle.

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Episode #1 – A Perfect Pilot

SYNOPSIS: The experiment of Monday To Monday starts with a slow news day which leads to failed attempts at drawing squirrels but by Sunday night Victor finds himself with too many topics that inevitably get thrown away thanks to the season premiere of The Walking Dead.



Episode #2 – The Second Coming

SYNOPSIS: Week 2 marks the beginning of the editing grind and after some amusing Trump/Pence news, the death of Vine and a mini holiday to Lake Worth, Victor comes back to Miami to make Garry In Real Life.



Episode #3 – Election Fatigue

SYNOPSIS: Victor marvels at the Cubs World Series win, continues drawing squirrels and editing as he teaches Miles how to make a comic strip.



Episode #4 – Election Night

SYNOPSIS: The week starts off in Lake Worth on election night and after an outing to the movies and a baby shower, Victor finds himself alone in seeing the humor in the entire situation.



Episode #5 – Into The Garryverse

SYNOPSIS: Insomnia starts to hit and Victor heads to the theater with Miles to watch Doctor Strange before using the Garryverse to poke fun at the middleclass upset in America.



Episode #6 – The Death of Fidel

SYNOPSIS: The week whizzes by and though Thanksgiving is in the air the plot gets stolen by Fidel Castro deaths leading Victor to make Garry AND his coffee very Cuban.



Episode #7 – Who Watches Ellen?

SYNOPSIS: Victor contemplates The Ellen Show and flies through the week to realize he’s out of wifi hotspot right at the finish line.



Episode #8 – We Need a Montage

SYNOPSIS: Victor begins to regularly watch Linda’s baby while editing and spends the week on public transportation as the montages begin and anxiety strikes.



Episode #9 – Rogue Run

SYNOPSIS: Editing and writing continues as the Christmas season continues. Miles and Victor go watch Rogue One with Old Gus Moran and Garry takes longer than usual for some reason.



Episode #10 – They Say That It’s Christmas

SYNOPSIS: Victor does some live event work and bounces around Lake Worth and Miami as Christmas comes and goes without him even noticing.



Episode #11 – New Year’s Writers Block

SYNOPSIS: Victor mourns Carrie Fisher and socializes with friends before spending New Year’s Eve with Miles and eventually ending up with writers block as he hits the year mark of doing Garry In Real Life weekly.



Episode #12 – Hey, I’m Joey No Socks

SYNOPSIS: Victor breaks down the folly of knowing a man named Joey No Socks, hosts The Brackets and makes his way to a birthday party where he discusses Finding Dory.



Episode #13 – Depression Sets In

SYNOPSIS: More public transportation from Lake Worth leads to spending the weekend with Miles before Victor gets struck by depression and writer’s block.



Episode #14 – How to Be Lonely In Public

SYNOPSIS: Victor fights through his depression by supplying a “How to Guide” before watching the Trump Inauguration with Hendrix before making his way to Justin’s to meet the new baby.



Episode #15 – Grease Is the Word

SYNOPSIS: A trip to a cursed furniture store before Victor and Miles wind up at a Grease theme party. Sam stops by for sleep and learns about Bob’s Burgers from Miles. Victor utilizes the power of Princess Leia and espresso to get through Garry In Real Life.



Episode #16 – Something Wicked Comes

SYNOPSIS: Victor spends his days traveling, editing and making fake trailers for Linda’s life before coming down with a cold that delays Garry.



Episode #17 – Beautiful Dream

SYNOPSIS: Still battling a cold Victor gives you a hip-hop history lesson on the train ride to Lake Worth where he spends his nights editing and after another fake trailer for the Linda franchise he hangs out with Miles and Old Gus Moran.



Episode #18 – Birthdays and Bullshitting

SYNOPSIS: FM radio starts getting to Victor as he edits and celebrates two birthdays eventually making his way to Justin’s where he inherits a new HD camera.



Episode #19 – That New Camera Smell

SYNOPSIS: Victor keeps busy traveling, dodges getting shot and makes a short movie with Miles. Last minute mix up at the Academy Awards brings inspiration for Garry.



Episode #20 – The Big Move

SYNOPSIS: After the death threat, Victor moves into his new home with Old Gus Moran and organizes as much as he can before Miles comes to stay the weekend.



Episode #21 – The Tuesday Wedding

SYNOPSIS: Justin and Viviana get married on a Tuesday. Victor shakes off bad dreams with exercise and retreats to Jorge’s house for some human interaction.



Episode #22 – The Insomnia Strikes Back

SYNOPSIS: After a rough week of insomnia, sleep deprivation, mild depression and lamenting on Groucho Marx, Victor takes Old Gus Moran to the eye specialists and spends the weekend with Miles.



Episode #23 – The Light at the End

SYNOPSIS: Victor keeps depression away by focusing on the Last Jedi trailer coming out at Star Wars Celebration. Sean Spicer makes dumb comments and Victor continues to use too many hand gestures.



Episode #24 – In the Groove

SYNOPSIS: Victor begins to get a hold of the work load as episodes get longer and spends the weekend enjoying Miles before deciding to share his 5 easy steps to piss off your ex using nothing but your art.



Episode #25 – Plusing the Cast

SYNOPSIS: After a haircut and some intense writing Victor gets a sushi burrito with Linda and Nano, watches Joseph get grossed out by his mother’s sexual jokes at Jorge’s and finally breaks down the 5 stages of finding out an Ex is getting married.



Episode #26 – Vagingos Ate the Baby

SYNOPSIS: Victor takes Old Gus Moran in for eye surgery, Miles to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and gets inspired by Hidden Figures to make Garry and share the Top 5 things he’d do if he suddenly woke up a woman.



Episode #27 – The Bad Brain

SYNOPSIS: Victor is plagued by nightmares about his past the week before his birthday and struggles to get through it. Luckily he has Garry to focus on and shares his 5 best ways to get past it.



Episode #28 – Victor’s Birthday

SYNOPSIS: Victor spends his birthday week taking it as easy as he can and relaxes all weekend with Miles before deciding to share his Top 5 predictions of Trump ridiculousness.



Episode #29 – Your Thoughts & Prayers

SYNOPSIS: Victor gets an actual day off and talks about your “thoughts and prayers” after the Manchester shooting and list his Top 5 ways to tell if you’re full of shit on your social media.



Episode #30 – An Affinity for Trouble

SYNOPSIS: Victor spend Memorial Day working, sicks twitter on Linda, BBQ’s at Erik’s, spends his weekend with Miles and after the Kathy Griffin Trump head situation decides to make Garry about that while giving us his Top 5 requirements to make offensive art.



Episode #31 – Breaking the Block

SYNOPSIS: After some acceptable distractions at Jorge’s and the death of Adam West, Victor, Yesenia and Frank meet up with Linda and Ophelia in Hollywood for a photo shoot. Finally on Sunday with writers block looming, Victor shares his Top 5 tricks to beat it.



Episode #32 – The Least Racist Man

SYNOPSIS: Victor takes Old Gus Moran to eye specialist and spends the weekend explaining the truest glory of Captain Kirk but with Father’s Day passed and the work load starting to show, he rants out his Top 5 secrets about being a father.



Episode #33 – EPISODE XXXIII: An Old Hope

SYNOPSIS: Starting the week in a bit of a rut, Victor takes the train up to Linda’s and though Hendrix keeps them laughing. Tired but in better spirits Victor discusses George Lucas and lists his Top 5 favorite Lucas stories as he makes Garry In Real Life.



Episode #34 – Reversing the Polarities

SYNOPSIS: Victor discusses his current frustration with collaboration versus his desire to get back on the horse and tops it off with a cappuccino. After a weekend binge watching Doctor Who with Miles and lists his Top 5 Doctors as he makes Garry.



Episode #35 – Trump Talkers

SYNOPSIS: Victor makes you promises of a romantic day out to no avail for 2 days before finally partaking in digital bowling with the MyXXfly duo and come Sunday he’s listing the Top 5 most annoying people that won’t stop talking about Trump.



Episode #36 – Losing Romero

SYNOPSIS: With summer in full swing Victor gets Miles during the week and spends the weekends driving around and hanging with friends when bad news comes through text.



Episode #37 – Victor Moran’s Day Off

SYNOPSIS: Victor talks the original Star Wars release with Old Gus Moran, gives a Bueller-esk monologue, sits down for the first time to do some Table Talking with Justin and Erik and expresses his lack of Comic Con excitement with the Top 5 SDCC news stories that WOULD have been cool.



Episode #38 – Shit Happy Outbreak

SYNOPSIS: Victor finds himself enjoying the sound of silence before Miles and Old Gus Moran get back home and after talks of Cuban baked goods Victor finds himself circling the group of vultures circling the dead corpse of The Emoji Movie to give them all a talking to.



Episode #39 – Hookers & Writers

SYNOPSIS: Victor rants about posers, meets up with Alex for a discussion on hookers and ancestry in Acceptable Distractions, follows it up with a little Table Talking with Jorge, Adriana and Joseph and ends the week with Garry’s 100th strip while giving you his Top 5 Garry fun facts.



Episode #40 – The Inevitable Delay

SYNOPSIS: Fresh of the exhausting week prior Victor, now backed up with work, has to take a break for a fun weekend with Miles but after dropping him off Sunday his anxiety gets him straight to work and in such a rush he gives a heartfelt Top 5 reasons why the episode was late with the incorrect title card.



Episode #41 – Juggalos & The Art of Dating

SYNOPSIS: Victor starts the week skipping breakfast in exchange for some Acceptable Distractions with Nano and after getting a drunk dial he heads over to Yesenia and Frank’s for a little Table Talking before settling down to work on Garry.



Episode #42 – The Beginning of The End

SYNOPSIS: After much thought Victor announces his decision to end Monday To Monday at 50 episodes. Erik and Oscar come over for some Acceptable Distractions before Victor spends the weekend with Miles and before using Garry to bitch about comic book movies.



Episode #43 – All is Fair in Nerf & War

SYNOPSIS: Victor drags ass to start the episode before changing his headlights and after catching OldGusMoran watching The Rock he makes a late night trip to a new cookie shop he was told about. Jorge starts a random Nerf war, Linda and Josh stop by for some Table Talking and Victor shares his contempt for the Labor day as he make Garry.



Episode #44 – The Hurricane Irma Special

SYNOPSIS: It’s the week before Hurricane Irma and Victor is the ONLY person that ISN’T but after taunting the hoard of frantic BJ’s shoppers, getting gas and sitting in boredom, Victor gets a text from Natalie that sends him through debris filled streets during a citywide mandatory curfew and inevitably has to make Garry with company as he gives his Top 5 things to do during a hurricane.



Episode #45 – Location Memory Recall

SYNOPSIS: After spending the week looking at the world around him, Victor takes an introspective look at location memory recall, revealing loads or personal information before making Garry about the scare tactics of Channel 7 news.



Episode #46 – Haunted Cars, Ex-Wives & Hashtags

SYNOPSIS: Victor starts the week with some relaxation and Acceptable Distractions with Natalie before Miles comes over for the weekend, leading to some Table Talking with his son and ex-wife Denise before making Garry about the democrat’s Trump addiction while listing the Top 5 things he’d rather be talking about.



Episode #47 – BANSHEE: Origins

SYNOPSIS: Victor makes the switch from cigarettes to vape, tells Linda’s origin story on her birthday edition of Acceptable Distractions before creating a Go Fund Me page for Oscar, heading to Justin’s for some BBQ and making Garry about Disney’s terrorist tactics with The Last Jedi trailer announcement.



Episode #48 – Acceptable Distractions Galore

SYNOPSIS: Victor runs errands with Old Gus Moran, loads up on his nicotine supply before Miles comes over for a 3 part Acceptable Distractions involving Donuts, Natalie, a kid car wash, Jorge, Ally, a whole mess of old technology and finishes up the week STILL waiting on The Last Jedi trailer.



Episode #49 – The Home Stretch

SYNOPSIS: Victor gets his Movie Pass, sees The Last Jedi trailer, watches Bladerunner 2049 and stops by Yesenia and Frank’s house to discuss the Hollywood sex scandals before exhaustedly making Garry as he shares the Top 5 signs you’re overworked and under rested.



Episode #50 – The Series Finale

SYNOPSIS: Excited for the end while simultaneously shifting into high gear in editing, Victor finds time for one last Acceptable Distractions at Jorge and Adriana’s house, fixes his desk with Erik, has fun filled weekend with Miles and IRONICALLY finishes up the way he started, making Garry about the season premiere of The Walking Dead as he lists the Top 5 things to do after spending a year narrating your own life.