The Soundtrack is going on its mid-season break while the site prepares for our Halloween Programming but have no fear as the show will return to it’s weekly release schedule for the final 3 episodes of Series 2 starting Friday, November 5th. 


     If you haven’t been listening, sign up to our premium and spend the mid-series break binging the show from the awkward introduction to the inevitable cliffhanger we’re currently at right now and for those that are all caught up, we appreciate your patience and promise you a second half full of action, adventure and immersive soundtracks you won’t soon forget. From a night of terror to the end of it all… oh, the places you’ll go.





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Podcast Synopsis: Welcome to The Soundtrack. Part music curation podcast and part virtual audio experience where your host guides you through a set list of music with a narative in this radio show unlike anything you’ve ever heard.


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