It’s time for #LunaticLove!!!



     Lunatics, we started the year making a big push with our #VML brand #Merch and #VictorMoranLivePremium (powered by GoogleDrive & patreon) while simultaneously attempting to continue upping the quality of fan favorite webcomic, GarryInRealLife and budding podcast, ThisWillNotBeHelpful.

     In the last 4 months while we’ve been writing, filming, recording, designing animating & editing upcoming projects we have seen an influx of new users to our site, which means a bunch of you are breaking the first two rules of Fight Club and that’s alright by us. Honestly we all love that our work seems to be finding its audience and by the way it seems to be spreading it’s clearly word of mouth.

     So we wanted to take the time say thank you by giving you 20% off a VictorMoranLive shirt when you post this flyer on facebook, instagram, twitter, Tumblr or any other Social Media you can find us on with the hashtag #LunaticLove. Tag us in the post @VictorMoranLive and we will DM you for details to receive your Promo Code for the discount. Thanks again for all the love and we look forward to continue being that thing the voices in your head are talking about.


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