Series: 1234567 – 8

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Witness the birth of the Garryverse.

Series: 1 – 234567 – 8

Watch the rise of your favorite curmudgeon, his family and the world around him.

Series: 1 – 2 – 34567 – 8

The Garry Family has grown but in a world consumed by nerd culture and run by madmen, Garry must come back.

Series: 12 – 3 – 4567 – 8

Flooded by reboots and an insane political landscape, Garry and Danielle prove that nothing in the Garryverse can breakup this dynamic duo.

Series: 123 – 4 – 567 – 8

In an ever expanding world where Garry is constantly outnumbered by idiots, Ryan will step up… to become the sidekick he deserves.

Series: 1234 – 5 – 67 – 8

With an election on the way and the streaming wars in full swing, Garry looks to survive a pandemic in the corporate wasteland that is the United States.

Series: 12345 – 6 – 7 – 8

The Garryverse is without it’s hero, the panndemic ragging on, the country is in shambles and those left behind must fend for themselves. Some will mourn, some will fight and some will ask…


Series: 123456 – 7 – 8


Back from the dead and attempting to take it easy after a year of mystery, Garry and the gang find themselves in one long form story that spans the year as eventful moments seem to keep happening during the holidays.

Series: 1234567 – 8

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