Look, I can’t really remember when it happened and i’m a little on the busy side to have been tracking it but somewhere down the line the word ART has become an embarrassing word to use. Only said in dark rooms with low numbers at a volume slightly higher than a whisper and only when you know there will be no judgement. I thought it was a phase but it seems it’s here to stay and point is, we don’t do that shit here.

We don’t make content, we make art. We aren’t creators, we’re artists and me saying that shouldn’t sound corny or pretentious. I don’t say this unapologetically. The Ramones and NWA didn’t do shit meekly because they knew ARTIST isn’t an uppity self appointed title, it’s a vocation. This is our job and it costs money which means we have to work twice as hard because even in the best case scenario you finish every project in the negative. It’s like if you worked a 40 hour week, only got paid for 20 but the cost of going to work is what you get paid for 30. The life of an artist can be brutal as shit sometimes and turning a profit isn’t always guaranteed but we keep fucking doing it because we love it.



For example, I’m proud of EVERYTHING we have made on the site in it’s 4 year run. Even more so over the past 2 since I’ve been able to bring in more artists to spotlight and collaborate with. The plan pre 2020 was to continue going down that road. Hopefully allowing us all to grow as artists, making bigger and better projects that make you laugh and cry and ooh and ahh and think and shit. Make no mistake, no one at VictorMoranLive is trying to be famous or get rich. If they were they wouldn’t be here working with me. Seriously, it’s like I’m allergic to anything that makes money but what can I say, ADs suck, investors meddle and if you need more reasons than that I can’t help you.



Look, 2020 was rough on everyone and we literally got hit JUST as we had just started picking up some steam but we did and are doing our best to keep this going because to me VictorMoranLive isn’t just a company, it’s a refuge for all the malfunctioning bubblegum chewing rejects, both ON screen and WATCHING it. A place where “How can we make money off this?” is never asked before the job is done. A place that is…

Now if nothing I’ve said sounds appealing to you, I get it, we’re not for everyone. Go subscribe to Peacock and watch Friends or whatever it is you people do, BUT if what I’m saying rings true in your little Lunatic heart then I implore you to check out what we’re doing. I am positive that our library will leave you thoroughly entertained, wondering how we did all of it with NO money and imagining what we could do if we ACTUALLY had some. So sign up and then tell your friends to sign up because we have big plans and we can’t wait to fuck you up with what we’re capable of.




Victor Moran



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