Santa Claus Vs. The Devil (1959)


   Alright, it’s day 11 and I think you’re ready to get your mind BLOWN by one of THE MOST bat shit crazy things I’ve ever watched in my entire life. See, Santa lives in a magical castle in space where he has a sweatshop of children making toys and singing songs in the most stereotypical garb they could wear. Then the magical computer with human lips tells him about the Devil but its not the Devil Devil but a lower Devil and then Merlin gets involved, IT’S FUCKING CRAZY! I sat down with Yesenia & Frank of MyXXfly and watched this for the first time and what followed is the most confused commentary of all time. The Audio Commentary is open for all but the Video Commentary is only available to premium members. You don’t want to miss this commentary, if only for the joy of seeing us sink further into confusion as it goes. So get as high as you can and prepare to be amazed because Santa Claus is about to go toe to toe with the Devil.


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