Scream (1996)


    It’s day 30 and do I really need to tell you about Scream? It’s SCREAM. The movie that brought back the slasher flick in the mid 90’s after all the other franchises had gone tits up. Directed by horror legend Wes Craven, Scream is violent, yes. Suspenseful, sure but self aware enough to NOT just be another carbon copy of every horror film that came before it which at that point was kind of all us horror fans were getting at the time. Complete with one of the best opening scenes ever, Scream is a masterclass in horror but isn’t so in the pocket that a novice horror fan feels left out. It’s rules are clear and at the center is a legitimate whodunit that will have you saying, “THAT’S the killer!” at least 10 times throughout the movie. So get your stovetop popcorn popping and don’t answer the phone because there’s a killer on the other end and he wants to know what your favorite scary movie is.


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