The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)



     As we creep closer to the weekend with day 7 we make our way down to Texas where the tunes are rocking, the chainsaws are roaring and the chilli is divine. Director Tobe Hooper follows up his original by upping the humor and the gore and they aren’t fucking around. Every single performance is over the top and among them all stand out the two by Dennis Hopper and Bill Moseley and matching the effects to those performances is the King of Splatter himself, Tom Savini. Bloodier, louder and crazier than its predecessor, this chainsaw massacre isn’t more of the same, it’s just more. 


     Watch the massacre along with us by putting us in your ear or on the corner of your screen and if it’s your first time watching it you get to watch it for the first time along with Oscar as on the day of the recording he hadn’t seen it either.



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