Podcast Synopsis:

Welcome to The Soundtrack, a music curation podcast programmed and hosted by Victor Moran where he attempts to provide a soundtrack to life itself. *WARNING: headset required for optimal immersion*

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…To An Awkward Introduction

*available for non premium Lunatics to listen to

RUNTIME: 01:00:44

Episode Synopsis: What better way to get The Soundtrack started than with an introduction and like most introductions… this one is gonna be awkward.

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…To Getting Through The Week

RUNTIME: 00:59:05

Episode Synopsis: Well, the suits are demanding more relatability and what’s more relatable than a Soundtrack to getting through the week. So hold tight as we take you from Sunday to Saturday with the most relatable score ever.

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…To A Postmodern Love Life

RUNTIME: 01:05:41

Episode Synopsis: This time we tackle the romance genre of a specific kind with the Soundtrack to postmodern love life. So get ready to play the part of protagonist in a new era’s love story.

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…To The State Of The Union

RUNTIME: 00:58:38

Episode Synopsis: This time we take on the United States itself with the Soundtrack to the state of the union. So get ready to hunker down in the panic room as we simultaneously score a pandemic, financial crisis and revolution.

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…To A High Night Out

RUNTIME: 00:57:27

Episode Synopsis: This time we’re scoring a good time with the Soundtrack To A High Night Out. So get ready to prep your lungs and mental state as we score the weed event of  the century.

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…To An Existential State of Ennui

RUNTIME: 00:56:59

Episode Synopsis: What better way to end our first series than with The Soundtrack To An Existential State of Ennui. So prepare to have everything you thought you knew shook to it’s core as we score an epic journey into yourself.

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