2018’s #GreatestBandNamesEver OVER!

2018’s #GreatestBandNamesEver OVER!

Happy New Year everybody! Well it’s now officially 2019 which means that 2018’s #GreatestBandNamesEver contest is over and I know you’ve been waiting for the results. Once again, good job everybody. Now let’s get to it.


(example: Ranking – Tweeter – Band Name – Favorites)


1st Place:

@VictorMoranLive – Tobor – 10   


2nd Place:

@VictorMoranLive – Manga Mimics – 8

@VictorMoranLive – The Death of Stan Lee – 8


3rd Place:

@VictorMoranLive – Butt Whisperer – 7


4th Place:

@MyXXFLY – My Pussy Fro – 6

@ExplicitLyrical – Sexcelsior! – 6 


5th Place:

@ExplicitLyrical – A Fetish for Rubbish – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – Amazon Atom Bombs – 5

@VictorMoranLive – Brokeback Breakdown – 5

@MyXXFLY – Freaky Tongue Bumps – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – Funk Marinade – 5

@VictorMoranLive – Honduran Justice – 5

@VictorMoranLive – Intimate Odor – 5

@OldGusMoran – Marijuana Guanabana – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – My Cousins Kurt and Clint – 5

@MyXXFLY – Paradoxical Popsicle – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – Pingus Majingus – 5

@VictorMoranLive – Power Pole – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – Pretentious Puertorican Pricks – 5

@ExplicitLyrical – Shit-fil-a – 5

@VictorMoranLive – Sushi Rich – 5


6th Place:

@ExplicitLyrical – A Crack Whore Named Gertrude – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – Acmetonia – 4

@dr_octo_stress – Angry Black Bassists – 4

@dr_octo_stress – Canadian Fuckboys – 4

@VictorMoranLive – Existential Bread – 4

@VictorMoranLive – False Jedi – 4

@MyXXFLY – Flirts with Crisis – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – GlitterJizz – 4

@OldGusMoran – Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto – 4

@VictorMoranLive – Guatamala Goth – 4

@MyXXFLY – Healthy-Looking Whores – 4

@VictorMoranLive – Hungarian Vegitarian – 4

@MyXXFLY – Intergalactic Brujas – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – Juggalo journalism – 4

@VictorMoranLive – Jesus & Son’s – 4

@OldGusMoran – Kinky Dinky Pinky – 4

@OldGusMoran – Let it out Let it all hang out – 4

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Lewd Dudes – 4

@OldGusMoran – Nordic Freeze – 4

@dr_octo_stress – Suicide by Gluttony – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – Teatro de Boludéz – 4

@VictorMoranLive – Thai Guy – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – Thanos’ anus – 4

@MyXXFLY – The Bomb Cyclone – 4

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – The Moran Collusion Sham – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – The Petulant Masturbators – 4

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – The White Ratchet – 4

@OldGusMoran – Treehouse Trolles – 4

@ExplicitLyrical – Wall-to-Wall Failure – 4



7th Place:

@dr_octo_stress – A bad drunk and the monkey pirates – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Bag O’Hydrangeas – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Black Phoenix Alchemy – 3

@VictorMoranLiveBureaucracy & The Bourgeoisie – 3

@OldGusMoranCannabis Kanobi – 3

@OldGusMoran – Cosmo’s Factory – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Dingo and the Vajingos – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Dollar Tree Shopping Spree – 3

@MilesMoranTalks – Double whammy – 3

@OldGusMoranEverest Rising – 3

@OldGusMoran – Extreme Gravity Puncture – 3

@dr_octo_stress – Fetish Avengers – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Ghost Fart – 3

@Acidsparkle420 – Hazelnuts and Musk – 3

@OldGusMoranHoochikukoochiku – 3

@dr_octo_stress – Hooker Penguins and the Shiny Pebbles – 3

@OldGusMoran –  HootersShooters – 3

@OldGusMoran – Hostile, Reptile – 3

@OldGusMoran – Hungarian Goulash – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Kitty Titty – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – La Boca Del Lobo – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Latin Putin – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Maximum Range – 3

@OldGusMoran – MilesAshNerfhurders – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Monkey Titty – 3

@OldGusMoran – MorningGirlMeetsSexieSadiesWrath – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Occasional Kubrik – 3

@OldGusMoran – Pacific Steam – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – People Yelling Fire – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Platonic Pissing – 3

@OldGusMoran – Porgies Pig Toontown – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Pork Bait – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Razz Ran Rampant – 3

@OldGusMoran – Ragnanarok & Roll – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Somalian Sommelier – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Satanic Granite – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Sexy Inception – 3

@OldGusMoran – Shelter Skelter – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Sister Wives – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Sloppy Joe & Tater tot – 3

@OldGusMoran – Snap Twats Lickers Feast – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Spray For Pain – 3

@VictorMoranLiveSprechen Sie Deutsch – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Sterile Mojoless Dudes – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Tampon & Lemon – 3

@VictorMoranLive – Tastefully Formica – 3

@OldGusMoran – Thanos and The Endgame – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – The Baghdad Battery – 3

@OldGusMoran – The Tart Fars – 3

@OldGusMoran – The Thundercats – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Teton Smash – 3

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – The Ancient Chinese Secret – 3

@VictorMoranLive – The Butt Bandit Band – 3

@VictorMoranLive – The Kim Jeong-Hoon Room – 3

@OldGusMoran – The Porgs From Itchycoo Park – 3

@ExplicitLyrical – Too Lewd for YouTube – 3

@OldGusMoran – Torti Morti – 3

@VictorMoranLive – United Pickle – 3

@OldGusMoran – WA WA 7 The WATWOS – 3

@OldGusMoran – Whale Fart Tsunami – 3

@dr_octo_stress – Queerdos – 3


8th Place:

@VictorMoranLive – A Bag of Pringles – 2

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Black Sass – 2

@dr_octo_stress – Commando lo mein – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Death by Donut – 2

@OldGusMoran – Dropping Deep – 2

@VictorMoranLive – DTFAF – 2

@dr_octo_stress – East Market Slut – 2

@OldGusMoran – Emerald Dragons – 2

@OldGusMoran – Everlasting Papaya Juice – 2

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Fidel Hell – 2

@dr_octo_stress – Gentle needles – 2

@OldGusMoranGoo Goo Goo Choo & The Eggman – 2

@ezMoneyguapo – Gorilla Fist – 2

@ExplicitLyrical – Hans’ Henchemen – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Hipster Lumberjack – 2

@OldGusMoran – Hula Angula – 2

@dr_octo_stress – Kiwi Headache – 2

@VictorMoranLive – MacMan-She – 2

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Miyagi 99 – 2

@ExplicitLyrical – Paranormal Chinamen – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Part-time Hero – 2

@ExplicitLyrical – Pizza, Wings & Chucherias – 2

@OldGusMoran – PU55Y – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Porg Apologist – 2

@OldGusMoran – Rudy’s Tutty Frutty’s – 2

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Schlemiel – 2

@MilesMoranTalks – Shoopy poopy groopy – 2

@OldGusMoran – The Crystal Creature – 2

@dr_octo_stress – The corrupted condoms – 2

@dr_octo_stress – the great Star Wars baking show – 2

@OldGusMoran – The Lebronettes – 2

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Tirando Vergazös – 2

@Acidsparkle420 – Tottenham Line Massacre – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Transylvania Fogger – 2

@OldGusMoran – Tricky Licky Dicky – 2

@VictorMoranLive – Unintentional Thirst Trap – 2

@OldGusMoran – Wakanda’s Magic Wand – 2

@ExplicitLyrical – Wham! Boom! Pow! in ya Mouth – 2

@dr_octo_stress – Wookie Youtube – 2

@OldGusMoran – Yin Yan Bing Bang – 2


9th Place:


@OldGusMoran – Angula Hula – 1

@OldGusMoran – BangoBongoCongo – 1

@OldGusMoran – Occasion, Occasionally – 1

@OldGusMoran – OggioOrologio – 1

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Poke Buds – 1

@OldGusMoran – Pussy Whisperer – 1


LAST Place:

@Pongo_Pigmaeus – Colombian Parties – 0

@OldGusMoran – Colonoscopy Screamer – 0

@OldGusMoran – ShelterSkelter – 0

@OldGusMoran – Teeeter and The Monkey Man – 0

@VictorMoranLive – The Best of Chuck Norris – 0


Congratulations to MYSELF! LIKE PHOENIX I ROSE FROM THE ASHES OF 2017 AND PROVED VICTORIOUS with 3rd place, a tie with MYSELF at 2nd place and the cherry on top, 1st place!!! I HAVE RETURNED AS THE RIGHTFUL KING OF #GreatestBandNamesEver!!!! Well, atleast for 2018. Who knows what will happen in the next year and who will fight for the throne in BLOOD! So go on and FIGHT in 2019 my battle ready tweeter toads AND LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!

I hate toys and toys hate me…

I hate toys and toys hate me…

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town (1970)


     Looks like last year’s opening got bumped to day 2 but that doesn’t mean this classic stop-go animation Santa Claus origin story is inferior by any means. Look is it bat shit crazy as far as mythology goes, sure. Is there a weird pedophile vibe in one of the songs (you’ll know it when you see/hear it) but damn it’s full of heart and there really is nothing like watching the jittery movements in the animation to get you feeling like a child on christmas break, mainlining candy canes and tree shape sugar cookies from your neighbor’s house.


     Now if you wanna plan ahead for the next 23 days of Christmas movies/specials then click the banner below to see the full 25 days of programming with trailer and purchase links and if you want daily reminders of for the 25 days you can click subscribe to get the RSS feed information or follow us on all your social media @VictorMoranLive. Enjoy Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town lunatics!




#TheEndOfTheMovie: The C word

#TheEndOfTheMovie: The C word

We live in truly amazing times. Every day I am in complete and total awe at the evolution of the human race. We have made fantastic social and technologic strides as a species and I welcome our further advancements. I do not long for simpler times. I keep my headphones on when I Uber, I prefer my phone conversation through text, and know to differentiate the frequent activity of my social media presences under a banner user name. I get the point of branding. I say this so you understand that I am by no means one of these first generation millennials that feels the need to separate themselves from that dreaded classification by openly pontificating on the failing state of society visive the internet because of a some ridiculous nostalgic memory of how cool Gen X’ers seemed to us as kids. I tell you this so you know that my gripe (and don’t worry, I’m getting to it) is coming from objective place. The grievance I’m going to speak of is the use of the C word.

Content. Now I know that to you that word just slides out of your mouth like cum dribbling out of a first time blow job giver that doesn’t know that it’s rude to not swallow. To me the mere idea of the word makes me feel as gross as the second half of that last sentence made YOU feel when you read it. Seriously, it makes my skin crawl, but then again I’m the guy that audibly gagged in La La Land when a character said the words “They say I have a knack for world building”. Don’t believe me? Tweet @MyXXfly because she was next to me in the theater and couldn’t help but laugh at my involuntary display of disgust. Look, I’m not saying all of you should have the same visceral reaction to the word Content but you should at least care.

The problem with Content is that there’s no differentiating when it comes to it. It’s this umbrella label for any and EVERYTHING now. Movies and music? That’s Content. Social media posts? That’s Content too. A detailed article by a reputable news organization about a tragic world changing event…… somehow also Content. See, Content is part of the corporate lexicon. A language spoken by business men AND WOMEN whose sole purpose is to quantify objects, people, places, and things into easily predictable summations of monetary gains and that’s fine if it’s your job. Hell, someone has to make sure the lights stay on and the people get paid but now WE’RE all saying it. Listen, when you’re the head of company your brain is preconditioned to see things in dollar and cents I’ll give you a pass but you’re not. You’re an internet information junkie looking to binge watch, listen to, and read all the flashing pretty colors coming off one of your MANY screens like Neo in The Matrix and you NEED to understand that there is difference between all of it. If EVERYTHING is Content then everything is automatically given the same numerical number in the silly little value charts in your mind and NOTHING could be further from the truth. A movie is more important than a vlog. A Facebook post has WAY less value than a news article. A Buzzfeed quiz is… well, anything Buzzfeed does is essentially useless. Now I know that you’ve all been accustomed to think it’s all the same thing so I’ve worked up this nifty little pie chart to help you gauge the pecking order on the totem pole of importance as it were.

Lumping us all together by content is diminishing ALL our value. Someone went to school for six years to be journalist and now he’s on the same level as a blogger. Another guy spent all his life learning the intricacies of music and he’s lumped in by a guy on YouTube with a ukulele that only does covers of Duran Duran songs, it’s fucked in the head! But you know what’s even more fucked? This normalization of the word Content is bleeding into the people ACTUALLY MAKING it. Shit, if you thought I was being hard on you poor bastards just wait till I draw my attention to this piss poor excuse of journalists and artists, AND YES I SAID ARTISTS, that’s what you are. You’re artists, not CREATIVES which is another C word that’s pissing me off while we’re at it. Have we become so complacent with the social standing of the arts and journalism that we’re adopting corporate descriptors to sell something that at its core is an expression of thought and emotion? To describe OURSELVES?!? Are we so broken that we can’t muster up the nerve to call it art? And it’s not like we’re just saying it publicly to shill our work because I have been in rooms filled with nothing but people involved with the arts and they’re saying it amongst THEMSELVES. You hear that thumping? It’s the sound of Fellini and Hunter S. Thompson rolling in their graves and if I had my way I’d let their reanimated zombie bodies out to gnaw on your skulls till the creative bits are all gone because you’re embarrassing. Shame. SHAAAAAME!

I wish I could say sorry for being so aggressive but I’m not; I’m really not. When I was growing up being a journalist was some noble shit. Being an artist was the most punk rock thing you could decide to do. We were rebels and outliers, gypsies and thieves. We were a motley crew of off-kilter counterculture lunatics saying fuck you to the establishment and now we’re just willingly handing over the keys to the nut house to the guards. We’re surrendering our way of life for the sake of views and likes. That’s just sad. And before you call me hypocrite, I’m aware you’re reading this on a site where I advertise and sell my shit, the irony isn’t lost on me but you can click on every link and look through every page and I promise you that you will NEVER read or hear me call anything I make “Content”. I’ll call it a movie, a song, a vlog, an essay, a show… I call it ART because Content is a word used by cowards and con artists and maybe that’s the REAL problem here.

Look, you don’t have to agree with me and if you made it through this little rant of mine you deserve a fucking medal but you should at least LISTEN to what I’m saying because one day you’re gonna be at a party and you’ll hear on person ask another what they do for a living and instead hearing musician, writer, or filmmaker, you’re gonna hear that second person take a breath and say, “Content provider” and THAT is the day you’ll realize that art has died.

But hey, at the end of the day that’s just MY view on the matter and that’s probably not worth much anyone but what I DO know holds some serious value is that I made it through an entire rant called The C Word without ever saying Cunt.

….Well almost.


written by Victor Moran

edited by Danielle Ruiz

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Monday To Monday – Episode #19

Monday To Monday – Episode #19

Episode #19 of Monday To Monday is FINALLY up! This week I stay on the move, experience some rainy day depression, almost get murdered, make a movie with @MilesMoranTalks, watch the Osacars and as always I make Garry In Real Life. Remember you can follow Garry on twitter @GarryInRealLife, his son Ryan @NotYetNightWing AND AS ALWAYS you can follow me EVERYWHERE on the internet @VictorMoranLive.

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Monday To Monday – Episode #17

Monday To Monday – Episode #17

Episode #17 of Monday To Monday is up for your eyes to absorb with your peepers! This week I finish up an editing job, get over a cold, take another stab at turning @Acidsparkle420‘s life into a movie, hang out with @MilesMoranTalks as we watch Lego Batman with @OldGusMoran, watch the mid season premier of The Walking Dead, get tipped off about the Grammy’s through twitter and make Garry In Real Life. Remember you can follow Garry on twitter @GarryInRealLife and his son Ryan @NotYetNightWing AND AS ALWAYS you can follow me EVERYWHERE on the internet @VictorMoranLive.

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Monday To Monday – Episode #15

Monday To Monday – Episode #15

This weeks episode #15 of Monday of Monday To Monday is up for viewing! This week I lose track of two days, go to a haunted furniture store, attend a Grease themed party with my son, see a friend from out of town and of as i do every Sunday, make Garry In Real Life. Remember you can follow Gary on twitter @GarryInRealLife and his son Ryan @NotYetNightWing AND AS ALWAYS you can follow me EVERYWHERE on the internet @VictorMoranLive.

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