Six friends have three conversations over one dealing of cards.

RUNNING TIME: 3 minutes

CAST: Greg Trocine, Denise Acebal, Justin Azpiazu, Laura Moran, Hector Morejon 




The Nature of Things


Deedrick has seen better days. He’s just been dumped, his work is suffering and he can’t sleep. Despite his friends’ attempts, Deedrick is stuck and the memory of Jessica, his former girlfriend, is haunting him. Before he can move forward, he’ll have to face the past. A conventional story told unconventionally, ‘The Nature of Things’ looks at the process of getting over someone and getting to know yourself again.

RUNNING TIME: 83 minutes

CAST: Robert Colom, Natalie Alfonso, Oscar Benitez, Talia Capistrano, Gus Navarro, Ivan Nodal 

PRODUCER: Justin Azpiazu





Restless Coconuts

A nightmare landscape of past and regret is the location of this short study of one man’s inner analysis of his love life. Behind every self loathing man, is a group of women that hated him first.

RUNNING TIME: 16 minutes

CAST: Samantha McCullough, Aned Bosques, Abby Espinosa, Jamee Wilson, Jose Perez